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Face it, many of us struggle with information management in our workplaces. We often have to sift through large amounts of data in disconnected systems just to find the information we need. Often we have to re-key information that is hand-written and difficult if not impossible to read. And at the end of the day, this overhead in our processes slows down our response times and reduces data quality.

Our solution to these problems is dBForms and our end-user is you! We give you the ability to create and manage your forms and processes without involving an overworked IT department!

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Form Builder

No coding or technical skills required!

Our Form Builder allows assigned Creators to quickly build Custom Forms that fit any departmental need - with minimal training!

  • Use the “Drag” and “Drop” building option to implement our full compliment of Form elements.
  • 15 Form Element types Including:Text boxes, Drop-Downs, Date/Time Selectors, Buttons, Image Capture, Comments and more!
  • Form field validation capabilities allow you to choose from several types of type data entry (number, email, alphanumeric, currency, etc)
  • Assign permissions to Forms and Form Data so that only the appropriate Creators or Resolvers have access to view or edit.
  • Real-Time Form submission!
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Workflow Builder

Our Workflow Builder allows assigned Creators to easily customize the process of a form’s “Flow” to meet all organizational standards.

Turn a simple data entry form into a powerful and intuitive application!

  • Notify indivuals or groups of a form’s status via email, text or mobile alert!
  • Schedule automatic priority-based alerts - Send notifications if an “Urgent” form goes unresolved for a specified amount of time!
  • Assign forms to an individual or a group with a predetermined status. Easily insure your forms are assigned to the correct department!
  • Attach forms to an existing Workflow - Set forms to generate dependant forms that are already assigned to a specified department!
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Custom Reports

digitalBuckeye’s dBForms platform provides the ability to report on all of the data captured on your forms.

Our reporting systems features:

  • 6 different chart types available for your reports (Line, Bar, Radar, Polar Area, Pie, and Doughnut).
  • Top 10 or Most Recent views.
  • Report Scheduler allows you to schedule reports to be sent out at regular intervals.
  • Convert reports into widgets that can be combined on your personalized dashboard to show you at a glance what is most important to you.
  • The ability to export your report data in a wide variety of formats.



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